Smart Studio Series

Establishing a Wireless Syncing Connection to Import or Export

1) Select the 'Sync' option in the new project screen.

2) This will open a connection IP address through your wireless router. IP addresses starting in 172 instead of 192 are private IPs and cannot be accessed. You can change this via your router settings.

3) Select 'Instrumentals' to view all the contents of your Smart Studio.

4) You can import or export any audio from this page. Note that the Smart Studio accepts 16 bit, mono WAV files. See below to find out how to convert your files.

Converting Audio Files

To convert audio files to our supported format, download Audacity

1) Open any file format in Audacity.

2) Select 'Tracks' from the menu bar. Then select 'Stereo track to mono'.

3) Now select 'Export' from the 'File' menu.

4) Select our supported format- 16 bit WAV

5) Find your exported WAV file and select it for import in your browser. To set up a wifi syncing connection just enter the URL given by the app over a shared wifi connection. If you are having trouble please try using a different browser.